More The Infamy / Hiatus / Laptop shtuff

2014-08-16 11:43:26 by Minotics

Alright, we're well overdue a new news post aren't we? So let's make one.


First off, let's talk about The Infamy, the collaboration project consisting out of Aeron and myself. Recently, we've had our up's and down's in terms of production. We've had several projects thrown out the window because they weren't the quality we wanted to bring. What this ment was either muddy production, generic sounding, or just flat in terms of quality. So we apologize for the lack of new content.

Next up is the next thing in the subject line, Hiatus. So as some of you (who actually read this stuff) might know I have thought about quitting a while back. And while I was on the verge of doing so, I instead took a different turn and wanted to re-develop my music production and make progress in certain areas such as melodies and sound design. This didn't work out for me and now I've decided that I'm just tired of Minotics. While I'm not quitting, I AM going on hiatus until I find the motivation to continue my solo project. The idea behind Minotics is making music I enjoy making and making music we all can bob our heads to. The only real solo song I've been proud of is my Blake Reary - Hanging On remix.

However, this also means I will be dropping my solo stuff to work on The Infamy. To hopefully further develop our qualities as a duo and reach out to a bigger audience. So while Minotics is laid to rest, I'm going to work full-force on The Infamy with Aeron.

Now the last thing is my fucking laptop. Can I cuss in these things? No? Fuck it, I will. Because in nearly 3 months time my laptop has been sent to ASUS to be repaired atleast 3 to 4 times. What's more is that every time I send it, the HDD gets wiped and I lose all my stuff. Music, photos, projects, games. etc. This is one of the most irritating experiences I've ever had. This is also one of the main reasons why I've been so quiet on Newgrounds. I love the community but I can't talk with people on a broken laptop. As it stands right now my laptop should be coming back to papa in about 2 days, so I wont need to use this wrecked borrowed laptop from the store.


So I hope that clears some stuff up. Thanks for readin!
P.S: Is still what you hoped for, Xtrullor? :P


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