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2014-01-01 13:47:10 by Minotics

Heya ladies and girls. Time for another news post to keep myself sane. 


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D


2013 has been a chaotic year for me. It's been such a rollercoaster ride. I've moved, I've seen a huge in my music production, I've released my first EP... I've even been with a label! It's all been such an amazing experience. And I've (as slimy and icky, as kiss-ass as it may sound) you guys to thank for it. The support has been overwhelming, the response has been amazing... All thanks to you. I mean, a year ago I was jumping joy due to the fact that my first song would be used in a iOS game, and now I've been on the #1 spot of popular audio for freakin' 7 days. A week in total. I'm still on the best audio this month... and on top of it all I got to share the experience with Aeron. We'll get to him a bit later. Here's something else I wanna come out with.

The meaning behind Celestial Fantasy. You see, I've received a TON of questions on my Newgrounds account, my email, my facebook and my soundcloud and one of the mose asked was; "Is there a meaning behind Celestial Fantasy? It's so beautiful!". It's wonderful to see it so well received and I've always replied with; "Boredom". But it isn't. I wrote the melody to the tune as a tribute to a very close friend of mine who passed away in November. He took his own life and it had a pretty harsh impact on me. The melody is supposed to represent struggle. Progress. His life had it's ups and downs, but he kept on fighting. It was a sad day when he lost the fight. The fight with depression. Thanks Shawn. Rest In Peace bud.

I won't start this year without a bang. I uploaded Byakko yesterday to Newgrounds and Soundcloud, a pure dance track. Joy! And not only that, I've formed a duo with Aeron. We will be known as The Infamy. If you thought our past creations were amazing -- ohohohoh. Expect even bigger things in the future! We're constantly working on tracks to satisfy your ears. But for now, Follow us on all the possible links.  - Roy.



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2014-08-14 11:00:06

Make more posts. It keeps my face less sad.

Minotics responds:

Some time soon mate. Hopefully with some bigger news.
New track from The Infamy going up today/tomorrow as well. :)