JustAnotherVisual, Aeron, and shtuff.

2013-12-12 06:37:07 by Minotics

Heyo guys! How's everyone doing? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.


So if you haven't caught up on the news I've been spamming on my facebook and newsfeed and stuff like that, I'm with JustAnotherVisual now. (abbreviated to JAV, ironically.) One of my goals as a musician was to one day sign with a label. So I guess I can check that can't I? Although I've got plenty of goals like... getting my music in games. Hearing my music on the radio, etc. But hey, seeing the progress made over the last few weeks compared to my past work, and that in about 1 year and 4 months? I'm proud of myself.

When I signed with JustAnotherVisual I released my EP and the star track of the EP was Ornith, a collaboration with RalaiyX3 (Now known as Aeron.) and I've got to say that Aeron has been one of the most fun people I've worked with. I've planned collabs with other people in the past, mastered some tracks here 'n there but still. Right now, as this is posted, I've got 3 collaborations released with 'em and 2 of them under JAV. Counter, Ornith and Celestial Fantasy. If you haven't listened to Aeron or the tracks yet, go check 'em out when you have the time. Do your ears a favor.

As for future stuff, I dunno. I might make some more VGM tracks... maybe. Right now I wanna get some more fans on Newgrounds as well as some more likes on my Facebook page. Get some presence, you know?

Support never hurts.

- Roy.


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2013-12-12 12:05:10

Who's Aeron? Am I?

Minotics responds:

No, it's you. :P