6 songs.

2013-10-23 12:46:23 by Minotics

Hey there NG, been a while as usual. I like these timeframes in between my news posrs but whatever.

So I've been working on a couple of things. 7 songs if you count 1 collab I'm working on right now with RalaiyX3. 2 songs have been uploaded today which were the "Lumbridge" cover, and another which was "Untitled and Unloved" 'cus I was too lazy to think of a title. On the shelves I have 4 other songs coming that all have potential for house-like or DNB-like tracks.

I'm not a 100% sure I'll get these done in 2014 or I'll release them before the new year. Mainly 'cus I've become addicted to League of Legends and well uh. I think I ran outta creativity music wise for the next coming months. :P LIke literally, my brain is drained.

If you guys had some questions or whatever lemme know by sending me a message here, on my Facebook or my email. You know how to do it, right?
And what have you been up to lately?
- Mino.


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2013-10-23 13:15:45

I also put off making music because I'm too busy playing LoL . . . its too addicting!
EU W for life xD

Minotics responds:

Hahaha, ikr? 'cept that EUW has the laggs of the unholy right now. Jesus man. 20000 people in queue and NOPEYOURINJK


2013-10-24 14:14:07

No lag for me, my ping never goes over 20ms. Though I live in Ireland where the servers are based :D

Minotics responds:

Oh wow, that's pretty lucky I suppose. Hey, if you ever wanna go for a game feel free to add me ingame. Name's Corazon De Leone on EUW so :D