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Moving and Minotics (again)

2013-06-01 05:29:05 by Minotics

Since the last post won't be visible i'll repeat; I'm LionheartRG/Roygoos and i changed my artist name.

Also, i will be moving my current stuff to my new soundcloud (The good stuff, anyhow)

My new stuff will be uploaded here. My older stuff will be deleted and can be found on that soundcloud.

Yeah, i'm LionheartRG/Roygoos. Thanks to some idiots from Romania i'm forced to change my name, and now i chose Minotics. That's all.

Hi! It's been way too long since i made a news post. Questions have been rolling in as well. I want to answer 5. As usual, i'll list them anonymously for privacy reasons. But, that's for later. Lets start with a bit more of a... 'pressing' matter.

What is the future of LionheartRG?
Well, the future i cannot predict. Nobody can. I have been trying to collaborate with a couple of people left 'n right, had a EP get washed down the drain 'cus of some idiot trying me for copyright. (Which was dropped right after i released the track, 'Emphasis') It may even have unfortunately cost me a spot amongst other artist with label Monstercat, just because of that. But i hope the future's right. Kenney (Creator of Pico's School DX and other games) has my number. He knows i'm available. I've gotten a few other offers as well, which i find flattering. Which reminds me, if you want to use my music for whatever, sure! But please send me a message or email first? Thanks...

What are your future styles?
A blend of different styles. But i've become obsessed with, and i've looked up a bit of Dissonance as well as Noise Rock. (Examples of Noise Rock; HEALTH, who did every song on Max Payne 3) (Examples of Dissonance; Zombie Apocalypse themes, Riin & Botis) so i seriously plan on doing alot more of these. Not just Zombie / Apocalyptic songs such as The Horde or Tension After Pico Day, but a bit more harmonic. I wish Newgrounds would add the genre 'Dissonance'. Could make for a great suggestion. Other than that I don't have much else planned. Maybe some dubstep, but alot of Dissonance, now that i know what it's called. Not just "Apocalyptic". Hehe.


Now to questions! Here's the ones i hand picked;

Do you watch My Little Pony?
No, i do not. Nor do i watch Adventure Time. This'll have alot of people bring hate on me but let's be honest here. Cartoons are ment for children. The 7 - 15 age range. Hell, My Little Pony is ment for younger kids! GIRLS! And they have male adults watching this stuff. Let's get one thing straight though; I don't hate the material, i hate the idea. Hate is a strong word, but c'mon. A 34 year old guy, just crapping his pants waiting for Fluttershy or whatever to come on screen. Adventure Time i could understand, it's a bit more mature, but still. You're grown up. And look at my age on the left. That's coming from a kid.

What is on your iPod / MP3/4 player right now?
Alright, let's see here... Oh by the way, i don't do i-stuff. I'll explain why later. Anyway, i found my artist list in no particular order. So here it is; Hail The Villain, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, A Day To Remember, Mr. FijiWiji, Muzzy, Feint, DotEXE, Rogue, Ephixa, Waterflame (Newgrounds's very own), LionheartRG (huehue), Rise Against, System Of A Down, Porcupine Tree, HEALTH, Manafest, Thousand Foot Krutch and last but not least, Steriogram. Lots of Rock, Metal, and eletronic stuff. My most-listened-to-album is actually by Monstercat, with features FijiWiji, Muzzy, Feint, DotEXE, Rogue and Ephixa amongst many other. My most-listened-to-track is actually Runaway by Hail The Villain. Sweet, eh?

What kind of equipment/computer do you use?
The worst computer in the world. Can't play fucking Minecraft. Won't allow me to go up to Windows 7. And before you go AHUEHUEHUENOOB, the videocard in it died, and it had to pass on to it's oh-so-shitty internal video card. But a new one should be coming soon, powered by Minecraft server Specialcraft. I recommend checking it out if you're dutch. 'cus it's run by dutch people. Anyway. Earlier i stated "i don't use i-stuff". The reason why is because i don't like the quality of their stuff. I prefer quality of stability when it comes to my music equipment. Though, they're not very far from one another. One company's stuff i like so much because of it's good quality, good stability, good durability and friendliness is Zen Creative. So far all my MP3 players or whatever have been made by Zen. I went to the amusement park the other day. Went on a rollercoaster that goes through water. They said 'Leave your expensive stuff in the box'. I didn't. My Zen Creative X-Fi 2 with so many paid albums is still stuck in the bottom of the cart... :( Other than that i use FL Studio, with VSTs such as Massive, Nexus, Sytrus, Bitcrusher, dBlue Glitch... So much cool stuff.

What was with Bolisa?
A misunderstanding. We were collaborating 'till we realized our equipment's versions didn't match up. I sent im an email to reply to his question "We still working together?" which he never received, i guess. Or saw. Either way, whatever we sent to each other was turned to dust pretty quickly. It's sad, but hey. If your stuff doesn't want to co-operate, what else can you do?

Do you have a girlfriend?
Hmhm... Yes i do, infact. A wonderful girl named Michelle. But i'll leave it at that for now. :D


Do YOU have any questions, requests, offers, or anything in this fashion? Send me a message and hell, become a fan by clicking the heart and the + above. See you next time. :D

5DoDNB, Questions Answered.

2013-02-25 07:16:32 by Minotics

Aaand the 5 Days of Drum 'n Bass comes to an end. I'd say it was a pretty cool thing to do. I had fun, and i got a few good reviews. We came to a total of 333 views (and counting) with Sancti getting the most views. Thank you, guys! (and girls.) You all sent me some questions as well. I'll answer them, but i won't enter names. Let's just call them Anonymous, shall we?

Question 1: When did you decide to make music?

Well, i've always had a feel for music. It holds a special place in my heart and it always will. I don't plan on making it my job though. I like doing what i am right now, but school is a must for me. I don't plan on making my living with music, as much as i enjoy it.

Question 2: What is the biggest suprise to you so far?

The fact that one of my best songs is The City's March. The City's March is a minimalistist-like song. It's a simple drum loop, a bass, and a keyboard synth in the background. If you add the low background noise of the city, that's simply what you have. When you put it in perspective it's not alot yet... it's still my most popular song and it's already used in a game called #Strys available for free on iTunes. :D (Shameless advertising)

Question 3: Who is your idol / example?

For each genre i have a different example, actually. For most of the techno/trance/video game music i like to look up to Waterflame because, so far, i have liked almost every piece he's made. As for the hard rock / metal genre, i like to listen to Bury Tomorrow and Killswitch Engage for possible inspiration. I've always been a fan of Killswitch Engage, and i recently discovered Bury Tomorrow. They have certain tecniques i admire. Their (now former) guitarist Mehdi Vismara had a few ways of making sounds with a guitar that harshly reminded me of techno/trance. Awesome songs. For my Drum and Bass style tracks i like to find inspiration in the music of Feint and basicly whatever the label 'Monstercat' releases. They're awesome. I might send one of my best tracks to them. House is mostly inspired by Mirrored Theory. Awesome artist. Look 'm up.


Question 4: Will you still make an album?

I'd love to answer this with a 'yes', but i can't. I've got no idea what i'll do in the future. Basicly, i try to release a song every week. One every week, however, sometimes it's hard to even come around to that. But of course, i dont exactly HAVE to, 'cus it's all in fun. This is just a hobby of mine. But... to promise my fans and/or listeners an album might be a few steps too far. MAYBE! Maybe i'll do an EP. 4 or 5 songs. But 10 to 13 is a bit much, i'd say. But i'll see what i can do. No promises. :)

If you have any questions and would like to see them answered, send me a message on Newgrounds, shoot me an email (it's provided in my details) or comment down below. Hell, if you feel like it, add me on Facebook. You know the name. Thanks for reading and specifically, thanks for listening.

- L.R.G

5 Days of Drum 'n Bass

2013-02-16 13:43:55 by Minotics

Hey guys! What's up? So i've got the entire week off next week and not much to do. And i've been getting more and more positive feedback on my Drum 'n Bass tracks. To be honest, i enjoy making Drum 'n Bass tracks more than anything. Basicly because you can do ANYTHING you want and it's still enjoyable. So here's what i came up with.

Next week, from Monday to Friday, i will upload a song every day. I've got no idea what they're going to be about, or what their theme is going to be. It's all... err... well, music is just about always improvised. But whatever. You get the picture. These tracks will vary in length, from atleast 2:00 to whatever.

So i'm working on the base of every song right now. Starting Monday, i will get this ball rolling. Let me know what you think of this. Thanks!

Add: Here's the tracklist.

Monday: "Jericho"
Tuesday: "Embers Rise" (Re-Mastered version, The only non-drum 'n bass tack)
Wednesday: "Now Here (Nowhere)"
Thursday: "Drum 'n Haze"
Friday: "Sancti"

Hey guys! It's been a while since i made a post on here.
So yeah, i got 32k of characters still to fill. Let's do this.

So... Lionheart. Yeah, i went from Roygoos to Lionheart(RG) for multiple reasons, number one being that i don't want people to know me by my real name. Instead, i went by my Xbox Live gamertag, LionheartRG. So if you want to add me, feel free to! I like talking to fans, it's what keeps artists like me humble. :)

As for future plans... I guess i still have this idea for an album in the back of my head. I will get one done in 2013, i promise you that. I just don't want to pin any date nor featured artists. What's gonna happen, is gonna happen. But i promise an album in 2013, count on that. I also have several covers in mind of some famous songs. Like Bulls on Parade and Livin' La Vida Loca. Don't worry. this isn't going to be shit like most of them. Anyway, other projects i'm working on are "Crazy" and "I'll Bury You Tomorrow", the last one of the two being more to the metal side. Heavy metal is in my blood and i feel like doing something with it. So here's to a good 2013.

Oh, and i've been talking to Waterflame. I wanted to get his opinion on 2 tracks. Thoughts and Lion's Kingdom were the songs in question and he said Lion's Kingdom was a huge improvement. Of course, that's the song i put most work into, but whatever. Most of my songs are half-assed with 2 hours of work into them which i'll change from here on out. I'm an artist and i've been sponsored already. Can't let that hang. Nowadays i've been getting more and more offers to work with others, and i'd gladly do so now. I didnt back in the day as i didnt want people to depend on what i was getting done.

Anywho now i'm on Soundcloud aswell. Look me up and then you can listen to my tracks on there plus an exclusive. Soundcloud doesn't get me as much plays as Newgrounds, so Newgrounds is my home. YEAH!

Best wishes to your families for 2013.
- L. RG.

New projects

2012-10-02 15:15:21 by Minotics

'sup guys! I'm back and rolling again. I'll be taking it real slow and make some cool new songs.

That said, i have/will remove ALL old projects. Yes. Most of them are sold to others. So that'll be all.

ALSO! Check out me and my friends' gaming channel. www.youtube.com/LotharioGaming.