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2015-03-04 12:42:34 by Minotics

I never explained but if you look to the bottom left of the page, you see VOIDTEK right?

That's now my main project.


Minotics is dead.
And VOIDTEK fills the



Alright, we're well overdue a new news post aren't we? So let's make one.


First off, let's talk about The Infamy, the collaboration project consisting out of Aeron and myself. Recently, we've had our up's and down's in terms of production. We've had several projects thrown out the window because they weren't the quality we wanted to bring. What this ment was either muddy production, generic sounding, or just flat in terms of quality. So we apologize for the lack of new content.

Next up is the next thing in the subject line, Hiatus. So as some of you (who actually read this stuff) might know I have thought about quitting a while back. And while I was on the verge of doing so, I instead took a different turn and wanted to re-develop my music production and make progress in certain areas such as melodies and sound design. This didn't work out for me and now I've decided that I'm just tired of Minotics. While I'm not quitting, I AM going on hiatus until I find the motivation to continue my solo project. The idea behind Minotics is making music I enjoy making and making music we all can bob our heads to. The only real solo song I've been proud of is my Blake Reary - Hanging On remix.

However, this also means I will be dropping my solo stuff to work on The Infamy. To hopefully further develop our qualities as a duo and reach out to a bigger audience. So while Minotics is laid to rest, I'm going to work full-force on The Infamy with Aeron.

Now the last thing is my fucking laptop. Can I cuss in these things? No? Fuck it, I will. Because in nearly 3 months time my laptop has been sent to ASUS to be repaired atleast 3 to 4 times. What's more is that every time I send it, the HDD gets wiped and I lose all my stuff. Music, photos, projects, games. etc. This is one of the most irritating experiences I've ever had. This is also one of the main reasons why I've been so quiet on Newgrounds. I love the community but I can't talk with people on a broken laptop. As it stands right now my laptop should be coming back to papa in about 2 days, so I wont need to use this wrecked borrowed laptop from the store.


So I hope that clears some stuff up. Thanks for readin!
P.S: Is still what you hoped for, Xtrullor? :P

2013 / The meaning behind Celestial / The Infamy

2014-01-01 13:47:10 by Minotics

Heya ladies and girls. Time for another news post to keep myself sane. 


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D


2013 has been a chaotic year for me. It's been such a rollercoaster ride. I've moved, I've seen a huge in my music production, I've released my first EP... I've even been with a label! It's all been such an amazing experience. And I've (as slimy and icky, as kiss-ass as it may sound) you guys to thank for it. The support has been overwhelming, the response has been amazing... All thanks to you. I mean, a year ago I was jumping joy due to the fact that my first song would be used in a iOS game, and now I've been on the #1 spot of popular audio for freakin' 7 days. A week in total. I'm still on the best audio this month... and on top of it all I got to share the experience with Aeron. We'll get to him a bit later. Here's something else I wanna come out with.

The meaning behind Celestial Fantasy. You see, I've received a TON of questions on my Newgrounds account, my email, my facebook and my soundcloud and one of the mose asked was; "Is there a meaning behind Celestial Fantasy? It's so beautiful!". It's wonderful to see it so well received and I've always replied with; "Boredom". But it isn't. I wrote the melody to the tune as a tribute to a very close friend of mine who passed away in November. He took his own life and it had a pretty harsh impact on me. The melody is supposed to represent struggle. Progress. His life had it's ups and downs, but he kept on fighting. It was a sad day when he lost the fight. The fight with depression. Thanks Shawn. Rest In Peace bud.

I won't start this year without a bang. I uploaded Byakko yesterday to Newgrounds and Soundcloud, a pure dance track. Joy! And not only that, I've formed a duo with Aeron. We will be known as The Infamy. If you thought our past creations were amazing -- ohohohoh. Expect even bigger things in the future! We're constantly working on tracks to satisfy your ears. But for now, Follow us on all the possible links.  - Roy.


Heyo guys! How's everyone doing? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.


So if you haven't caught up on the news I've been spamming on my facebook and newsfeed and stuff like that, I'm with JustAnotherVisual now. (abbreviated to JAV, ironically.) One of my goals as a musician was to one day sign with a label. So I guess I can check that can't I? Although I've got plenty of goals like... getting my music in games. Hearing my music on the radio, etc. But hey, seeing the progress made over the last few weeks compared to my past work, and that in about 1 year and 4 months? I'm proud of myself.

When I signed with JustAnotherVisual I released my EP and the star track of the EP was Ornith, a collaboration with RalaiyX3 (Now known as Aeron.) and I've got to say that Aeron has been one of the most fun people I've worked with. I've planned collabs with other people in the past, mastered some tracks here 'n there but still. Right now, as this is posted, I've got 3 collaborations released with 'em and 2 of them under JAV. Counter, Ornith and Celestial Fantasy. If you haven't listened to Aeron or the tracks yet, go check 'em out when you have the time. Do your ears a favor.

As for future stuff, I dunno. I might make some more VGM tracks... maybe. Right now I wanna get some more fans on Newgrounds as well as some more likes on my Facebook page. Get some presence, you know?

Support never hurts.

- Roy.

The Mass Effect [Free EP release]

2013-11-24 12:11:07 by Minotics

My new EP titled The Mass Effect has been released by JustAnotherVisual. Here's some links in your face to check it out!
The EP features 6 tracks; Cause and Effect / Chills of Life / Beast Riders / The Cure for my Ears / Smiley / Ornith.
Ornith is by far the best track on the EP, and its a collaboration between me and RalaiyX3! Go check him out!




The Mass Effect [Free EP release]

10 Fans, what now?

2013-11-23 09:51:28 by Minotics

WELL GUESS WHAT. If you didn't catch it before than you WILL CATCH IT NOW


Oops. I think. And followers?

2013-10-28 17:56:46 by Minotics

So I uploaded more than 6 tracks. Scumbag me, right? So most of these sounds you heard were paid patches for Massive. Who doesn't love Massive? Anywho. So I've been following the tutorials of this guy called jAyMaC. He's a pretty cool guy and most of those patches, I believe, were inspired by him.

Anywho, For some reason I have around a 100 views on the majority of my tracks or near it, but only 7 of them have me added to their favorites. I kinda wish people did add me more. Makes me feel so BLEGH. Anyway, as always if you guys have some question or whatever just message me, add me on skype, email me...

Ooh, and if you re up for it add me on League of Legends! I'm on EUW as Corazon De Leone.
Check this sweet little comeback out. We were pushed down to our Nexus since the 23rd minute and still managed to come back. How does one even fucking go from 10 - 42 to this?

Oops. I think. And followers?

6 songs.

2013-10-23 12:46:23 by Minotics

Hey there NG, been a while as usual. I like these timeframes in between my news posrs but whatever.

So I've been working on a couple of things. 7 songs if you count 1 collab I'm working on right now with RalaiyX3. 2 songs have been uploaded today which were the "Lumbridge" cover, and another which was "Untitled and Unloved" 'cus I was too lazy to think of a title. On the shelves I have 4 other songs coming that all have potential for house-like or DNB-like tracks.

I'm not a 100% sure I'll get these done in 2014 or I'll release them before the new year. Mainly 'cus I've become addicted to League of Legends and well uh. I think I ran outta creativity music wise for the next coming months. :P LIke literally, my brain is drained.

If you guys had some questions or whatever lemme know by sending me a message here, on my Facebook or my email. You know how to do it, right?
And what have you been up to lately?
- Mino.

Music Issues

2013-08-28 13:43:50 by Minotics

Hi. Mino here. Soooo I've had a problem with all my music 'cept covers.

Variety. All the melodies are just 1 patterns. No variation, and I dunno how I'd implement some new ones from the top of my head. Does anybody have any advice for me? Thanks. 'preciate it.

- Mino.

Five Way To Infinity + Minotics

2013-08-10 17:48:01 by Minotics

I've met a guy called Five Ways To Infinity. I met him through a couple of other people and I learned he did music. So when I asked him for some of his stuff I was suprised this guy wasn't known more than he is. I wanted to collaborate with this guy and so we do now. And we'll be uploading our stuff to Newgrounds (And perhaps Soundcloud).

However, this will also be my personal account, still. So whenever there's a track uploaded and you see this tag in the description; /FWTIM\, it's a collab.

That's all.
Stay Classy
- Mino.